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All-Star Weekend Q&A with James Harden

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Darnell Mayberry gets a great Q&A with former Thunder and now Houston All-Star James Harden. Check it all out.

Q&A with James Harden | The Oklahoman

Harden gives some great insight into his time in OKC as well as what he considers his crowning basketball moment.

Is it strange being back on the same team as Westbrook and Durant?

"Nah, it's not strange. It was strange when I played in Oklahoma City. When I was in a Houston uniform playing in Oklahoma City, that was strange. This will be more jokes and smiling and just enjoying each other's company."

How special is your relationship with Durant and Westbrook?

"It's very special. We were together all summer, in London, having fun, laughing. And then we got split up. But we're back together and it seems like we never left each other. We're brothers. Simple as that. We're always going to be brothers."

Would you describe sitting here as an All-Star as your "Mama-I-made-it" moment?


What would that be?

"Winning a gold medal."