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Watch: Russell Westbrook featured in new Air Jordan XX8 spot "Dare to Fly"

Russell Westbrook is featured in the new Jumpman23 Air Jordan XX8 commercial spot, and he makes the commercial his own.

If you haven't watched the new Michael Jordan commercial for the Air Jordan XX8, then I have one question for you. What in the hell have you been doing with your day? It's pretty much the weekend. Lets be honest- you stopped doing real work at 1PM on Thursday.

My first thought when I saw OKC Thunder's own Russell Westbrook featured in this commercial was the outfit the he was rocking. That is a pretty subtle look for Westbrook, to be honest. I was really bummed he wasn't rocking the Sally Jesse glasses with it. Also, I think they totally messed up this commercial by not having Westbrook be the guy who throws the basketball through the pane of glass. Clearly if there is going to be someone in that commercial who would get upset and do something like that, it is Westbrook right?

Air Jordan people are missing an obviously commercial to do with Westbrook. If the next commercial with Westbrook doesn't have have him getting angry and turning into The Hulk and smashing everything in sight, then I fear for the future of marketing executives in this country.

On a more serious note, this commercial is showing that Westbrook is starting to get some national publicity. It may proove to be the death of the idea that being in a small market means you won't get the national attention and endorsements. Clearly KD is proving that to be wrong, and now even the "side-kick" is getting some national run.


Do you like Westbrook in this new Air Jordan ad?

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