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WTLC Daily Loud Links: December 5th, 2013

After a disappointing loss to the Blazers, check out what the internet has to say about the Thunder.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday night, the Thunder fell to the Blazers, 111-104 and it was a bit disappointing because you just got the feeling the Thunder were going to hit a big shot and crush Portland's dreams, but that didn't happen. Now it's time to bounce back and get back on track during the road trip. Here are some links going around about Oklahoma City and the NBA.


The Oklahoman's Anthony Slater gives his five observations on Wednesday night's game vs the Blazers.

4. Weird stat - The Thunder only had 11 assists on its 39 made field goals, which seems like a crazy low number. Both Portland point guards - Damian Lillard and Mo Williams - combined for 12 assists, which doubled OKC's entire starting lineup. But overall, I don't think that's too alarming. The offense was fine for a large portion of the night. And you can't complain about 104 points.

It's good to see Kevin Durant take some responsibility for a mistake as he is undoubtedly the leader of this team.He lost Nicolas Batum for what turned out to be the dagger and he was "pissed" after the game.

Durant, after the game, blamed the loss on that late defensive lapse.

"I messed the game up at the end, got lost and (Batum) hit a three," Durant said. "I can't do that to my team. Unfortunate loss for us. I felt like we had that game."

Royce Young from the Daily Thunder wonders if Reggie Jackson is playing TOO good right now.Will Jackson be the next player to get paid in the open market?

Probably because the scars are still showing from the James Harden trade, Thunder fans are already starting to worry and wonder what's going to happen with Reggie Jackson. With each bucket he makes, particularly in fourth quarters of close games, fans aren't hearing the thawck of a swish - they're hearing cha-ching that's a Thunder... player about to get too expensive.

LeBron James will star in an upcoming movie named "Ballers" but he won't be the only star in it. Reports show that LeBron will have a brother, and that role will be played by comedian Kevin Hart. I personally love Kevin Hart and I can't wait for him to make fun of LeBron's hairline because we all know that's coming.

The Trail Blazers are enjoying some success, but they took it upon themselves to get on Twitter and take a shot at the Eastern Conference. Maybe Portland should remember which conference has produced the last two NBA champions.

In a more unfortunate event, the Spurs and Timberwolves were scheduled to play a game in Mexico City but after a generator malfunction, the arena started smoking up and the game was not able to play and Mexico losses it's NBA game. Check out some photos of the arena.