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André Roberson is Heading to Tulsa

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have assigned forward André Roberson to Tulsa 66ers.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

André Roberson is hittin' the turnpike and takin' his talents to Tulsa. The Oklahoma City Thunder announced Monday that the 6'7" forward has been assigned to play for the NBA Development League team Tulsa 66ers. The former Colorado college standout was drafted 26th overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves, but was then traded to the Thunder.

Before Roberson set his eyes on Tulsa, the 21-year-old rookie saw action in six games and was a starter against the Milwaukee Bucks on Nov. 16 for the Thunder. He also averaged 1.7 rpg, 0.8 ppg and had 0.2 apg.