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WTLC Daily Loud Links: December 19, 2013

The Thunder just keep winning and we just keep giving you links to read.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma City is trying to make it eight in a row Thursday night against a depleted Bulls team. Now let's get you ready for the game with some links, and some funny stuff (especially the Knicks).


TNT analyst Greg Anthony called the Thunder the best team in the Western Conference, and if you want to know a secret.. I think I agree with him.

I like them a lot. I think they are the best team in the conference and that's saying a lot because Portland in essence has been the best team in the league in all due respect to Indiana, who has been phenomenal as well.

We all know how the James Harden contract situation ended up for the Thunder: with him having to be traded because the team didn't want to (or afford to) pay him what he wanted. But could that situation be coming up with another young Thunder? Anthony Slater writes about how tricky that situation can get with Reggie Jackson. Here we go again?

With the James Harden scenario still fresh on the minds of Thunder fans, there is already a slight panic over Reggie Jackson's impending contract situation. His great performances - and lately, there have been plenty - are met with a combination of 'Oh wow, his rapid development could be key to a title run!' and 'Oh no, could he be playing himself out of the Thunder's price range?'

Ricky Rubio is a phenomenal passer and on Wednesday he was at it again, this time he made Nicolas Batum his most recent victim. Although the pass between the legs went to Kevin Martin, I still think Rubio wanted to pass it to himself and get the layup, but that's just my thinking.

The Thunder held their annual "Holiday Assist" event and everything went great. It's always great to see the Thunder helping out the community in more ways than just winning basketball games. Class act.

The Knicks were robbed by the Raptors when they dealt for Andrea Bargnani this off-season. The Knicks have been a huge disappointment this season. Some of that has to do with injuries BUT a lot of it has to do with plays like THIS.

That is easily the most Knicks thing of the season, which is saying something since in the same game J.R. Smith redefined the word, "gunner."