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Wednesday Daily Loud Links: December 18, 2013

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We dig into the outcome of last night's game against the Nuggets and more in today's links!

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The Thunder got a solid workmanlike win over their division rivals the Nuggets last night, and a good thing too. The bruisers from Chicago are coming to town and if OKC isn't ready to do battle, and the Thunder need to be ready to go.

Check out the links from today to get ready for tomorrow!


What kind of timeout coach is Scott Brooks? Berry Tramel asks the question in light of a surprising comment made by Ty Lawson after OKC put down the Nuggets:

"Scott Brooks has plays hidden up his sleeve that he pulled out today," Lawson said. "We didn’t prepare for them, and they were good plays."

Speaking of timeout plays, there was one in particular that came at a critical juncture in the 4th quarter, and when Derek Fisher fired a perfect touch pass (almost like a one-timer) to Kevin Durant in the post, I audibly yelped. Royce Young at Daily Thunder breaks it all down for you.

Anatomy of a miracle. Lee Jenkins revisits Ray Allen's historically great 3-point shot that brought the Heat back from the dead in Game 6 and enabled them to win their 2nd championship. Want to relive it? I kind of don't, but Jenkins' writing is top notch. Also, our buddy Royce Young makes an appearance.

Is Serge Ibaka about to become one of the All-Star game's overlooked players? I don't think Ibaka has deserved the honor yet in his career, but with him now turning into a double-double machine, he will be getting harder to ignore.

Jordan Hamilton gets a suspension for that 'punch' he threw at rookie Steven Adams in last night's contest. I know the letter of the law, but to get tossed and then get a suspension on top of it for such a soft tap is kind of pathetic.

Royce Young asks an interesting question that is undoubtedly going to inspire some discussion. What is so special about LaMarcus Aldridge THIS YEAR?

Tony Allen once kicked Chris Paul in the face. Naturally, the next course of events is for TA to auction off the shoes that now have CP3's face imprinted on them.

The Warriors have their own halfcourt champion now. Just like in OKC, a fellow knocked down the big shot and won groceries for a year. In these challenging economic times, that's a solid move, Dubs.

Paul George, now apparently the de facto 2nd best player on the planet, is lacing up his shoes to do battle with LeBron James once again. I dig PG, he's a great player. Buuutttt...did this game only happen in my mind or something?