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Beyond The Arc: Thunder weekly award for Dec. 7th - Dec 12th

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Time to hand out some hardware to the boys from Loud City and the rest of the NBA.

I call it, "Kanye Thabeet tells a story"
I call it, "Kanye Thabeet tells a story"

We meet again for another lovely edition of our weekly awards. Like always, I will do away with the pleasantries and get right to what you all came to this site to read.

The Darkest Timeline Award - New York Knicks

To quote Kanye West, "It was all good just a week ago..." For the Knicks it really was all good a week ago. They snapped a nine game losing streak against the equally horrible Nets and actually won back-to-back games. Things looked to be on the up swing for the Knicks. Then came that Sunday afternoon game vs. the Celtics. Oh boy, did the Celtics ever embarrass them by destroying them by 41 points. The final margin almost doesn't do this blowout justice. It is a rare thing to see a team that lifeless. It is akin to seeing a shooting star, a dog walking on its hind legs, or Dwight Howard make 4 consecutive free throws. They followed that effort up by letting Uncle Drew and the Cavs get loose on them two night later. This really is the darkest timeline for the Knicks.

Ice Skates Award - Kyrie Irving

Uncle Drew gets the Ice Skates award because that is what he did to Pablo Prigioni. Somewhere Brandon Knight is sitting on his couch shedding a single tear for Prigioni.

The Grudge Award - Roy Hibbert my travels on Twitter last night I came across this little nugget from Pacers big man Roy Hibbert.

I love that the former Entertainment 720 employee drops the "grain of salt" line at the end of the tweet because clearly he as a grain of salt being that he just tweeted about it five years after the fact. Steve Smith applauds Hibbert's ability to hold a grudge.

Danger Zone Award - Kevin Durant

KD let everyone know that he is not scared at all to step into the DANGER ZONE with his play this week. This dude went insane this week on the court. Over his last five games Durant is averaging 29.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.6 blocks and 1.4 steals. To top all of that off he shot 53% from the field and 46% from beyond the arc. He also had one of the most impressive sequences vs. the Hawks where in four consecutive possessions he went block, block, steal, and offensive rebound. That was in the 4th quarter when the Hawks were making a come back. When you are as great as KD is, it can be hard to be impressed with his performances at times. But that was impressive to me.

Death Stare Award - Russell Westbrook

How great was this look Westbrook shot 2 Chainz during the game vs. the Hawks?

Answer......It is freaking awesome! General Zod has nothing on the on West-stares.

Best Selfie - Hasheem Thabeet

No one came close to topping this beauty.

Best Use Of Your Excess Real Estate - Chris Bosh

As you can tell by reading this weekly post, you can tell I am a fan of the show Community. I am also I giant Donald Glover fan, ergo making me a giant fan of his rapping alter-ego "Childish Gambino." This week, Childish Gambino released his second studio label album Because The Internet. You may be wondering what any of this has to do with the NBA or Chris Bosh. Well, it turns out that Mr. Childish Gambino recorded this album in Chris Bosh's mansion in L.A. Along with recording his album in this apparently unused mansion, Gambino also shot the short film Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, which features Chance The Rapper and Danielle Fishel. Yes....the video has Topanga from Boy Meets World. All of this was done in Chris Bosh's extra mansion that he just happens to have lying around. Also, Chris Bosh.

In case you were wondering, Childish Gambino's new album is decent. After a second listen, I put it ahead of his debut label album Camp but it feels very unfocused and all over the place at times.

Walter White Empire Scale - 9 (Last week 8)

An undefeated week that includes utterly dominating the best team in the NBA earns you an upside down 6 on the Empire Scale. The Thunder handled the lesser teams with relative ease in the second half and went all Kano on the Pacers in the 1st half and turned a highly anticipated game into a snooze fest one the second half started.

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