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WTLC Daily Loud Links: Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Thunder are off today and getting ready for Kobe's return to OKC. Check out what's going on around the league!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Various and sundry as the Thunder get ready to welcome back the Mamba to OKC.


Jeremy Lamb is starting to gain some recognition within OKC, although he still seems to fly under the radar. Perhaps it is because, as Tyler Parker writes, his drowsy disposition:

Jeremy Lamb’s jumper falls like that, his shots floating away from him like chill little butterflies that enjoy dancing and naps.

LeBron James is still the prohibitive favorite for the MVP award this season, now flanked by not only Kevin Durant but Paul George. I thought that Allen Iverson's comment was astute - KD doesn't need to win MVP; he just needs to be in the conversation, and that's enough.

Justin Timberlake plays HORSE with Paul George. I'm sure after PG took down LeBron James and the Heat, this was a welcome competition. Unless, of course, George lost.

Latest in SportsVU, they reveal some data about how good Chris Paul's vision really is. This requires further investigation.

Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" sneakers just auctioned off for over $100k. I still remember this game, it was one of my favorite moments as a sports fan. Then again, I don't live in Utah.

The starters highlight a front row father who saves his little girl from near certain destruction. Just one more reason why the NBA is superior to baseball.

Realignment is back in the newsas of late, most notably because once again the West as a whole is vastly superior to the East:

The NBA is likely so embarrassed about the totals so far this season that, as far we can tell, they declined to fine both the Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns for taking pot shots at the East through their Twitter accounts. The league probably didn’t want to draw more attention to those tweets and the current gulf between the two conferences; because you know the NBA didn’t decline the fine because they developed a sense of humor out of nowhere.

Lastly, the serious business about how to sit down while wearing tight pants, as noted by fashionista Dwyane Wade.