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WTLC Daily Loud Links for Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Thunder take on the Grizz tonight so get in the game with today's links!

Kevin C. Cox

Various and sundry as we prepare for the Grizzlies tonight.


Is Russell Westbrook an elite defender? That was the book on him coming out of college, in a surprising twist:

His weaknesses included some of the following: Mid-range game, ability to create his own shot, not a true point guard.

And his strengths included some of the following: Great wingspan, disruptive defender, can guard multiple spots.

I would say that Westbrook is a defender who is capable of playing at an elite level. How about that?

This Deadspin post is making the rounds today. It is interesting to me insomuch as to say it is interesting that many of the "details" of the argument have been debunked repeatedly, both here and elsewhere, yet this seems to be the prevailing attitude nonetheless. I can sum it up thusly: "I don't like Kendrick Perkins' game and he makes too much money." I think that's about right.

Any time you start to think about how horrible it is that Kendrick Perkins is overpaid, don't forget that Hollywood has an entire cadre of grossly overpaid actors and actresses, led by Adam Sandler, who was last funny around the time he was putting with a hockey stick.

Jonathan Abrams profiles...really, that's where you should stop reading me and start reading Jonathan Abrams.

LeBron James gets asked about whether Pacers-Heat are a rivalry. This is one of the more subtle things about how LeBron has grown up over the years - he gives a serious, measured response that neither shirks the question with bromides nor disrespects the Pacers in the process. I also happen to agree with him.

Here is another strong profile at Grantland, this one of Kyle Korver and his record-setting night in consecutive games with a 3-pointer. He seems like a good dude and I wish he played in OKC.

Does Dwyane Wade get the star treatment? Coach Nick at BBall Breakdown breaks it...uh, down. Maybe, maybe not. He sure does know how to play within the scope of how the calls get made though and is my current #1 player to festively root against.

Is Kevin Durant a tougher cover than LeBron James? KD certainly had his way with PG the other night, while LeBron had trouble getting it going in the Pacers' win over the Heat.