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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook get into it with Hawks court side fans

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Two different situations doing with fans sitting court-side during Tuesday's match-up between the Thunder and the Hawks were brought to my attention, here's my thoughts.

Westbrook and Durant exchange words with fan
Westbrook and Durant exchange words with fan
Kevin C. Cox

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, among other players got some rowdy court-side fans in Atlanta on Tuesday night, when they beat the Hawks 101-92. Russell Westbrook got a very interesting picture taken of him by rapper.. wait for it.. TWOOOOO CHAIIIIINZZZ!!! Anyway, 2 Chainz must have said something interesting to make Westbrook make a face like THIS:

I would say this is why Russell's a fan-favorite. His (ridiculous) fashion and his humor are pretty awesome. Another altercation also included Westbrook, but included star Kevin Durant even more than Westbrook. As time winded down, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Kevin Durant, and Kendrick Perkins walked over to roughly three guys sitting court-side, diagonally of their bench. If you can read lips from a far and really fast, you're the person for this clip. Words were exchanged for a couple seconds before Westbrook walks away and a guy in a very nice suit takes Durant away.

Note: Durant was NOT going to give his shoe away, he put his mouthguard in his sock according to Darnell Mayberry in THIS tweet.


Just in the thumbnail you can tell Durant and the fan are not exchanging nice words.

While the Thunder guys were not willing to divulge the details, here is what they said, via The Oklahoman's Anthony Slater.

Kevin Durant, in a clear sarcastic tone: “He really respected how we played the game. He just wanted to tell all of us one-by-one.”

Russell Westbrook, when asked if the fan was chirping at him: “Yeah, yeah, yeah”

Kendrick Perkins on the fan: “Sometimes they can get a little disrespectful”

Seriously though, if you can read lips, let me know what they're saying.

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