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WTLC Tuesday Loud Links: December 10, 2013

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Here are your Tuesday loud links. Enjoy!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We've now had over 24 hours to digest what the Thunder did to the Pacers on Sunday night. That performance was unbelievable to say the least. Let's take a look at what people are writing about around the internet.


This is a really good article by the Daily Thunder's Royce Young. He does a power ranking based on the players' performances last week. A lot of good stuff in here.

Hat tip to commenter OKC035 for looking this up, but the three-man lineup of Durant, Westbrook and Jackson this season is a +24.8 per 100 possessions in 137 minutes together. Compare that to Westbrook-Durant-Harden in 2012 (+9.9) and Westbrook-Durant-Martin in 2013 (+14.3). That's something.

Andrew A. Mcneill talks about the awesome and crazy passes from Manu Ginobili. Plus, there's quotes from Matt Bonner, AKA the Red Mamba. That's always a good time.

"When you play with Manu, you just get used to him making crazy passes where you think there's no way A) he sees you and B) he can get the ball through," the Red Mamba/Rocket said, calling the frozen rope he caught from Ginobili in 2012 against the Lakers one of the few times he made SportsCenter's Top 10 plays that didn't involve getting dunked on.

We all watched the Thunder take on the Pacers on Sunday, but maybe we didn't see this: Lance Stephenson has his own face printed on his shoes.. I don't know what to think of this, but he's Lance Stephenson and he was Born Ready.

We've seen this sort of thing before - most recently with Amir Johnson last season - but any time you can see a man wearing a pair of shoes with his own face on them is a special time. And when those shoes happen to be And 1 Tai Chis (a Tas Melas favorite), it's even better.

The Clippers have made a move: they agreed to terms with Stephen Jackson. When I first saw the news, all I could think of was how fun his interviews on Dan LeBatard's ESPN show were, but you know what else would be funny? Him and Matt Barnes getting in a fist fight and then tweeting funny things about it. I'll tell you guys one thing, though, Serge Ibaka might think twice about winding up for a punch with Stephen Jackson on the court.