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WTLC Daily Loud Links: November 5, 2013

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The NBA season is already a week old. They grow up so fast.

Brett Deering

Today is November 5th, so if you haven't already bought NBA League Pass, you should probably do that now since the free trial expires today. If you don't plan on purchasing it, hopefully we can get you covered with these daily links. Enjoy!


Kyle Wagner from Deadspin wrote something up that Thunder fans should be happy to hear: Westbrook is back and he's still the old Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook spent the first possession of the game bounding around on defense like he was working off an espresso bender, then sauntered down the court, then suddenly blew into the lane with that shock of speed you hoped but weren't quite positive you'd see from him early this year.

Now, let's talk about Kevin Martin. He was asked how he felt about playing with Minnesota this season and his response was THIS.

This is such a fun team to play on. Nobody is trying to lead the league in scoring here.

Wait. What? Martin subtly took a shot at Kevin Durant, or in other words the person who carried the Thunder in the playoffs last season, while Martin was out there being inconsistent. That's kind of cold, K-Mart.

But as the article linked above pointed out, here's the real funny part:

Kevin's Minnesota teammate Kevin Love, after a dominant week that ended with him scoring at will over the Knicks on Sunday, is actually leading the NBA in scoring at 29.7 points per game. Whether he's trying to or not is a weird distinction that's hard to pinpoint, but the irony should not be lost here, as Love accepts his Western Conference Player of the Week honors.

This next story is pretty great. The Knicks are off to a 1-2 start and looked awful in the first quarter against Minnesota on Sunday, but we all know the roster is not the worst part in the organization. It's the owner, James Dolan.

Frank Isola from the Daily Post reports that Dolan was unhappy with the team's performance and looked for new GM Steve Mills to "Vent" and the best part is, he told the Knicks dancers to stop dancing. Yes Mr. Dolan, that should avoid 40-point quarters.This is Dolan like we've never heard him before.

One minute he's talking NBA title like a modern-day Red Auerbach and the next he is messing with the game-night entertainment like he's Fred Astaire.

In case some players forgot, they can lose money for flopping. And maybe Kevin Love, Patty Mills, Corey Brewer and Zaza Pachulia forgot about that. But they remember, now. The league handed down some warning to those guys. Here you can find all the videos of the flops, which is great.

Finally, you should check this out. It's kind of perfect.