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Thunder Say What? Kendrick Perkins Tweets and Untweets, confuses all

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Kendrick Perkins tweeted a mystifying message mere hours after Sunday night's win against the Suns. What did it mean?

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In this edition of Thunder Say What? we turn to our dearly beloved Yung Hawg, Kendrick Perkins.

Shortly after the Thunder got a home win against the Phoenix Suns, Perkins took to Twitter and posted the following:

Immediately the Internet was aflame. What does it mean? Is Perkins unhappy in OKC? Is he trying to force a trade? Does he feel unappreciated as many fans have called for his benching in favor of Steven Adams? What? What? What?

For me, I found the Tweet very unusual, especially given the author and his normal expression of love for OKC. This is what I wrote in another thread:

And as of right now I’m willing to give Perk the benefit of the doubt and not go full Occam’s Razor, but to interpret it as Perk tweeting about something vaguely and then realize after the fact the way it would be misinterpreted, so he wisely deleted the tweet (kind of like this).

I’m willing to look at it this way because Perk complaining about minutes and whatnot is completely counter to his persona. He’s never complained about anything, has always been about the team, and actually goes out of his way to make sure his teammates remember that the team is about the team, not about themselves. I figure we owe him this benefit of the doubt before we start jumping to conclusions about one of the most easily misinterpreted communication mechanisms that exist today.

Besides, a reporter is sure to ask him about it anyway, so he’ll probably be forced to address it, but in a way where he can fully express what happened.

Perkins didn't get asked any questions (yet) from reporters, but Twitter is nothing if not persistent, especially by high class guys like this:

If my instinct was correct and Perk wasn't talking about playing in OKC, then what could it be? Perhaps:

- A switch from ice cream to a Paleo diet

- Turning off the Cowboys game

- He hates the shag sofa that is getting fur all over his velour jumpsuit

- He is singing along to "Sympathy for the Devil"

- He is thinking about the President

- He is thinking about going back to a high fade

- He is going to start singing along to those commercials

Perkins finally took back to the Twitter to finally address things:

And there you go. To be more clear, Perk even addressed the dude above:

I still respect Occam's Razor, but I am thankful that my intuition proved correct.

And believe me, I have a house full of family too. I understand from where Perk comes.