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Thanksgiving Loud Links: November 28, 2013

It is Thanksgiving. Celebrate your turkey and stuffing with Thunder links from around the web.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
W. Bennett Berry

Let's celebrate the big Thunder win over the Spurs by eating copious amounts of food, good wine, and read NBA links.

Royce Young notes that Kendrick Perkins liked what he saw:

"I thought ‘character', that's the word," said Kendrick Perkins. "I told the team after the game, I thought this was one of the better wins in the regular season since I've been here. Just character-wise. Because usually when our offense isn't going right, we tend to give up a hundred points. But I thought everybody pretty much stuck with it."

With LeBron James' return to Cleveland last night, the yearly discussion of whether he might one day return to his home town again resurfaced. Also resurfacing is the possibility that his former teammate may have broken some rules.

Well done, Will Bynum. Well done indeed.

This is what is now known as "Stephen Curry" range.

This insightful article focuses on the challenge of the scout in today's NBA landscape:

We can pretend that pure skill and hustle will always win out - as they do in films like Hoosiers when haircuts were humble and coaches didn't mince their words - but we all know there's an appeal to players who fit the checklists of idealistic scouts. For one, the suits are happy because stated needs have been met; and secondly, fans are appeased because through the media stories of such acquisitions, they are led to believe said players will deliver on an array of promises.

The 76ers have decided to retire Allen Iverson's jersey.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!