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WTLC Wednesday Loud Links: November 27, 2013

Check out what's going on in the NBA today as OKC gets ready for their biggest game of the season tonight!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Various and sundry from around the league.

Russell Westbrook reached out to his buddy Derrick Rose after Rose suffered a season-ending meniscus tear.

"It's tough, man," said Westbrook, who sustained a torn lateral meniscus on April 24. "I was watching the game. It's just tough. Some things like that just happen, and it's a tough situation for him. But he's a strong guy so he'll get back and come back stronger."

The Oklahoman's Thunder Buddies talk about how the Thunder might do tonight against the Spurs. Give it a listen.

That guy who hit the $20,000 halfcourt shot? Yeah, he might have a violation on his hands. Further proof that college athletic governing bodies are the worst.

Rodriguez would have lost eligibility for at least a full academic year had he pocketed the money, according to Ed Loeb, a Southwestern math professor and faculty athlete representative. There would be no conflict if Rodriguez won the money in a non- basketball promotion, such as a long golf putt, Loeb said.

Apparently the Trail Blazers are using iPads during timeouts to be able to make corrections on the fly. I have two thoughts on this. 1) I like the use of this technology, but I am always wary about trying to dissect things to the granular level on the fly because it can cause system overload and unintended consequences. 2) The Blazers are owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and they are using iPads?

Everybody loves Paul George. Count me in.

Rookie head coach Brian Shaw has an interesting technique for improving his team's free throw shooting woes.

Kobe Bryant defends his near $50 million contract extension. My position - why are you defending it, Kobe Bryant? You know what my defense would be? "They offered it."

You probably don't want to click on this.

Lastly, Kevin Durant shows off his new sneaker colorway: