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Zeb Talks Asik Rumors and Wednesday NBA on Phil Naessens

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Will Asik go to New Orleans, New York, or Boston? Are the Mavericks for real? Answers lie within.

Today's show gets right down to business. We begin our discussion talking about how the Mavericks have quietly seen some success, and see how they'll match up against the Rockets. While in that discussion, we talk about the potential trade of Omer Asik, and a couple of rumored offers from New Orleans, Boston, and New York. Then we get to talk about some of the lower-tier teams in the league, throwing out who we think is for real and who is just a bunch of white noise.

It's a really quick 25 minutes, and Aron Stampler of Pounding the Rock also appears on the show, so I'd strongly encourage you to Czech it out!

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