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WTLC Daily Loud Links: November 12, 2013

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The Thunder are 5-1 and things are looking up for the Thunder.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder have stormed out of the gates with a 5-1 record after six games. With Russell Westbrook still getting back into rhythm, who knows how good this team can really be. Now, lets take a look at some links going around on the internet.


Kevin Durant is not only a pretty good ball handler, but he's also a very good computer handler. This video of him and Omer Asik doing tricks with a laptop is entertaining, but it's also extremely weird. Much like the author of this article, Trey Kirby, I don't think this video is very real. Also, can someone tell me what language that is?

OK yeah, definitely fake. I was willing to buy it when it was just Kevin Durant, because he's used to handling the ball and doing fancy stuff with it, so it just makes sense that he would also be good at twirling a laptop (as if that's something someone can be good at). But Omer Asik? No way. He's only been credited with a single dribble drive this season, so yeah right.

Russell Westbrook not only has a questionable sense of style, but he's now an underwear model. Yeah, I'm serious. The underwear prides itself on it's "wiggle" room, but we've seen some of the things that Westbrook has wore in the past, with little to zero "wiggle" room. I hope this partnership works out well for them.

Anthony Davis has been phenomenal so far this season and SB Nation's Paul Flannery wrote up a great article on his success.

It's not like this is any great surprise. Davis entered the NBA fresh off a devastating season at Kentucky, where he controlled the college game from the opening tip. It was always going to happen. It was just a question of when.

I recommend everyone to watch this video of a lady passing by the Cavaliers broadcast, call your wife, kids, whoever you want. Also, much respect to the announcers who kept their cool and tried to make the moment less awkward.

In a little more serious note: I'm sure it's unanimous that anybody that doesn't like the Lakers loves to see them suffer, but we don't like to see it when it comes to the expense of injury. Steve Nash has suffered another back and hamstring injury and he'll be sidelined for atleast a couple of weeks. We all don't like the Lakers, but Nash is as likable of a guy as you will find. Get well soon, Steve.

Finally, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle goes there.