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J.A. Sherman talks about Michael Jordan and O.J. Mayo on the Phil Naessens Show

Sherman plays a back-to-back this week, hopping back on The Phil Naessens Show to discuss Michael Jordan's verbal throwdown of O.J. Mayo.

Streeter Lecka

I usually do a weekly appearance on The Phil Naessens Show, but due to a cancellation Phil had me back on again today for my second segment of the week. In this episode, Phil and I banter more about the legend of Michael Jordan, how a 43 year old MJ once took a high school phenom named O.J. Mayo to school, and whether or not MJ could come back this season and play in a single game, as Jalen Rose predicted.

Check out the whole show, where Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco gets into a fight with Phil over the value of Kawhi Leonard, and also some baseball talk something or other with Athletics Nation's founder, Alex Hall.

This week, Phil has announced that he is in consideration for Podcast of the Year. If you have a moment, hop on over to the Podcast Awards site and enter in the name of his show and his show's URL,

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