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J.A. Sherman talks Russell Westbrook injury and more on the Phil Naessens Show

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, Sherman and Phil cover the Russell Westbrook injury news and then get into Michael Jordan's old man bravado.

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, Phil and I cover the Russell Westbrook injury story from beginning to end, so if you're trying to get caught up on Westbrook's status, this segment is a great way to do it. We follow up that depressing news by waxing poetic a bit by examining Michael Jordan's declaration that in his prime he could have beaten LeBron James one on one. Check it out to see how we decide the victor!

Also this week, Phil has announced that he is in consideration for Podcast of the Year. If you have a moment, hop on over to the Podcast Awards site and enter in the name of his show and his show's URL,

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