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2013-14 Season: Oklahoma City Thunder scrimmage in Moore County, vow to rebuild outdoor courts

At their annual scrimmage in Moore, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced plans to rebuild the outdoor basketball courts at schools destroyed by the May 20 tornado.

The Oklahoma City Thunder know how to give back. At their annual Blue and White Scrimmage, which was held at Westmoore High School on Sunday, Oct. 13, fans were treated to a game and a great surprise.

The Thunder announced that they would rebuild the outdoor basketball courts at Briarwood Elementary, Plaza Towers Elementary and Highland East Junior High Schools, which were destroyed in the May 20 tornado. All the courts at those three schools will be rebuilt, complete with Thunder branding, through funding from the Thunder Cares Foundation.

"When the community lost these schools, they lost more than a place of learning for their children," Vice President of Corporate Communications and Community Relations for the Thunder Dan Mahoney said. "The school facilities, including the basketball courts, served as the heart of these neighborhoods, and we are pleased and proud to be a part of restoring these communities. We made the commitment from the day the storms began to hold nothing back in responding to these communities' needs. But we have also committed to be a part of the long-term rebuilding process."

The video at top features coach Scott Brooks briefing his players before the scrimmage, and the video below captures the players as they were leaving the court to a round of applause.