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Westbrook takes on all challengers, including mascots

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Russell Westbrook further cemented his status as Nuggets enemy #1 and Denver fans have voiced their displeasure at his latest shot-blocking antics. WTLC responds.

W. Bennett Berry

Denver fans were none too happy about Russell Westbrook's recent antics on their home court, and the crew at the great site Denver Stiffs had something to say. Check it out and then read our response here.


I have recently learned that Russell Westbrook and I have a lot more in common than I ever knew. We both hate mascots. That became clear in the game vs. the Denver Nuggets when Mr. Westbrook goal tended two separate shot attempts by the Nuggets mascot "Rocky" that would have ensure the fans in attendance a tasty cheese covered treat.

Was this an a-hole move by Westbrook? Hell yes it was an a-hole move and I loved every minute of it. Westbrook is the most polarizing player in the NBA these days. Even his own fan-base tends to question his shot selection and decision making. He is rough around the edges and doesn't care about what people on the outside feel about him. Blocking two shots by a mascot to win fans free food further proves that. Let me state again that is was awesome! The best part is that after goal-tending the second shot attempt by "Rocky," Westbrook proceeded to hit a game tying three to send the game to overtime.

I love that Westbrook does stuff like this. For me it adds to the legend that is the a-holeness that is Russell Westbrook. He is the anti-Gilbert Arenas. You will not be seeing Russell Westbrook jumping off of trampolines with mascots any time soon. If you are going to be a giant a-hole like Westbrook you better be good enough to back it up. And Westbrook is plenty good enough to do so. The incident between "Rocky" and RW is just another example of Westbrook refuses to fit into whatever "box" you think he should fit into.

I think it is time we talked about the real issue surrounding "Queso-Gate" and that is mascots are pretty useless and completely annoying. I have never been a fan of mascots of professional teams. I live in a city where my NFL team's mascot is a wolf that looks like a rat (Kansas City Chiefs) and my MLB team's mascot (Kansas City Royals) is involved in a lawsuit after he hit a fan in the face with a hotdog. Have you ever had an interaction with a mascot and felt like it added anything to your life at all? If you are over the age of 12 then the answer is no it has not. I try to avoid mascots at any and all costs. For my money "Rocky" had it coming and I hope all other mascots in the NBA are on notice because Russell Westbrook is patrolling the hardwood. I am looking at you, Suns gorilla!

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