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Durant on Westbrook: "You're soft as butter"

Kevin Durant had a few things to say about how easily his teammate Russell Westbrook bleeds.

Just call him 'Tomato Can' Westbrook
Just call him 'Tomato Can' Westbrook
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the 2nd half of the Thunder's win against the Suns, Russell Westbrook took an inadvertent elbow from Luis Scola and the blow quickly opened up a gash on Westbrook's face that gave him a bit of a crimson mask.

Naturally his friend and All-Star teammate Kevin Durant used the opportunity when speaking to the Oklahoman's John Rohde to poke fun at Westbrook:

"Honestly, he got kind of like grazed and I told him, ‘You’re soft as butter if somebody just touches you and you bleed that easily, man. I might have to try you a few days in practice. If you’re talking trash, I might have to try you (since) you open up so easily,’ " Durant joked. "Somebody must have had knife in their uniform the way his gash looked."

While Durant joked about Westbrook's sudden propensity to bleed, he knows the truth. Westbrook has not missed a game in 342 attempts, and a little blood on his honey badger mug wasn't going to slow him down. After reviewing Westbrook's box score, Durant commented,

"That’s not human...That’s stuff I look at the box score at the end of the game and I’m like, ‘Wow, how’d you get that done so quietly?’ He’s one of those guys who just amazes you every time he steps on the floor. … It’s just a testament of how strong he is and how tough he is as a player and as a person, to come back and not worry about anything, still run into the lane and shoot layups and not worried about stitches come out again."