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2013 Thunder trade ideas: will OKC make a move?

Trade ideas: would you trade Ibaka for Aldridge?

Zach Lowe suggests a trade involving Serge Ibaka in order to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge makes sense. Does it?

Who likes the Maynor and Brewer trades?

Both Grantland and Wages of Wins chime in on the Eric Maynor and Ronnie Brewer trades.

How Does Ronnie Brewer Fit in With the Thunder?

The addition of Ronnie Brewer could be something special. Let's take a look into his past roles and consider how he'll fit into the Thunder's lineup.

Thunder Acquire Ronnie Brewer From Knicks

In a starting turn of events, the Thunder have acquired shooting guard Ronnie Brewer from the Knicks just before the deadline. New York, in return, is receiving a future second round pick.

Eric Maynor Dealt to Blazers for Trade Exception

According to several "sources", the Thunder have dealt guard Eric Maynor to the Portland Trail Blazers for a trade exception.

Will the repeater tax thwart potential OKC trades?

The repeater tax lurks among us. Tom Ziller breaks it down and we consider how it might impact OKC.

Thunder trade rumors: Perkins for Gortat? (Update)

Reports indicate that over All-Star break, there were some conversations between Phoenix and OKC regarding Perkins and Gortat. Could this deal happen before tomorrow's trade deadline?

Thunder trade ideas for Maynor: Utah or Detroit?

Eric Mayor is a trending name for trade possibilities. Would a trade to Utah or Detroit make sense?

OKC trade ideas: does JJ Barea make sense?

The Thunder could solidify their backup PG uncertainty by trading for JJ Barea. Should they pull the trigger on a deal that would bring him to OKC?

OKC Thunder trade ideas: Moving Kendrick Perkins

Is it time to be a year early as opposed to a year late on moving Kendrick Perkins.

OKC trade ideas: does JJ Redick make sense?

The Thunder were missing a dedicated 3-point specialist in the NBA Finals last season. Would the addition of JJ Redick put them over the top?

2013 Thunder trade ideas: Is a KG trade worth it?

The Thunder have the talent to win it all, but could they improve their chances of prevailing over the Heat in a final if they trade for Miami's nemesis, Kevin Garnett?

OKC trade ideas: move Eric Maynor to DC?

Eric Maynor is quickly becoming a man without a country on the Thunder's bench. Could a trade to the Wizards make sense?

Thunder trade ideas: does Gortat make sense?

The trade deadline is approaching. Are the Thunder looking for a big man to upgrade their front line, and if so, could the Suns' Marcin Gortat be an option?

OKC trade ideas: does Jermaine O'Neal make sense?

The trade deadline is approaching. Could the Thunder shore up their 2nd unit by upgrading Hasheem Thabeet with Jermaine O'Neal?