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2013 Playoffs: Thunder vs Rockets full coverage

Dr. Geier talks Westbrook, knee injury, recovery

WTLC interviews orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Geier about Russell Westbrook's injury, recovery, and what it means for professional athletes going forward.

Thunder vs Rockets, a series post-mortem

It is time to sign off on Thunder vs Rockets in 2013.

Beyond The Arc Thunder Awards vs. Rockets

Handing out some awards for the 1st round series vs. the Houston Rockets.

Thunder player grades for game 6

The Thunder close out the Rockets in 6 games, and here is how each player contributed to the series-ending win.

Thunder vs Rockets final series player grades

The Thunder close the books on round 1 of the 2013 playoffs. How did each player do against Houston?

OKC eliminate the Rockets in game 6, 103-94

OKC advances to play Memphis after defeating the Rockets, 103-94, winning the series 4-2.

Thunder Still Try to Close Out Rockets in Game 6

The Thunder need a defensive strategy shift, more Nick Collison, and a miracle comeback from Kevin Martin. But they might not get even one of the three.

Are the Thunder in Trouble?

The Thunder have struggled the last two games, so we will investigate whether or not they have reason to be worried or not.

Watch: Martin and Fisher do the double-flop

Kevin Martin and Derek Fisher are savvy veterans. Even so, apparently they also have their own way of drawing charges.

Scott Brooks Has Failed, Again.

If the Thunder had played the same strategy with Russell Westbrook last night, there's no way they could have won.

Thunder vs Rockets, OKC player grades for game 5

The Thunder dropped a 2nd consecutive game to the Rockets. OKC still leads the series 3-2, but individual performances have dropped since Russell Westbrook was sidelined for the playoffs.

Rockets force game 6, defeating OKC 107-100

Harden has 31 points as the Houston Rockets fight off elimination, beating OKC 107-100.

Thunder Try to Close Out Rockets in Game 5

We're in our third game of the Thunder without Russell Westbrook, and the sight isn't very pretty to see.

OKC vs Houston: 3 lingering thoughts from game 4

The Thunder look to close out the Rockets tonight. What did we learn from Game 4 that will help in their success?

This Week in Alternate Sports Illustrated Covers

Jason Collins is the cover athlete for this week's Sports Illustrated that reports on a groundbreaking moment in professional sports. But being thorough as we are wont to do here at WTLC, let's take a look at some alternate covers.

Does Serge Ibaka Have a Glass Ceiling?

On the dawn of the third game post-Russell Westbrook, the Thunder are still struggling to find an offensive identity.

The Many Problems of Kendrick Perkins

There's a lot of things that factored into the Thunder's loss to Houston last night. But one thing sticks out to me like a sore thumb: The horrible 9 minutes put in by Kendrick Perkins.

Thunder grades for game 4

The Thunder could not complete the sweep, so check out how each player did in their attempt that came up just short.

Houston avoids sweep, beats Thunder 105-103

Serge Ibaka missed an opportunity to send Game 4 into overtime as he misfired on a buzzer beating lay-in off an offensive rebound.

Thunder Try to Close Out Rockets in Game 4

Even after the Russell Westbrook injury, I never thought I would have this much anticipation heading into Game 4. But that anticipation doesn't stem from excitement. It stems from major concern.

How did Kevin Durant's 3-point shot go in?

Kevin Durant hoisted a contested 3-pointer at the end of Game 3. How did it go in?

Scott Brooks has NOT failed (yet)

An alternative view on Scott Brooks' performance in Game 3 vs the Rockets.

Thunder grades for game 3

The Thunder put forth a resilient effort in holding off the Rockets in the 4th. Here is how each player performed.

Scott Brooks Has Failed

I don't normally make such brash, Skip Bayless-like statements. But you know that when I do, I'm able to back it up.

Thunder go up 3-0, beating the Rockets 104-101

OKC wins their first game without Westbrook behind Durant's 41.

Durant's 3-point shot bounces, bounces, bounces...

The Thunder had run out of fuel. The upstart Rockets had caught them and taken a 2 point lead with under a minute to go. Kevin Durant pulled up and took a contested 3-pointer that banged off the back of the rim. But then...

Thunder vs Rockets game 3 thread

Thunder vs Rockets in game 3!

Who is scalable?

The Thunder must find a way to account for 24 points of lost offense, 6.5 rebounds, 7 assists, and a pit bull competitive streak. How can this be done?

Reality Hits The Thunder in Game 3 Vs. Rockets

Are we in for a long Summer, or a fresh new start?

The Thunder Without Russell Westbrook

What contingency plan?

Westbrook out indefinitely with torn meniscus

Russell Westbrook sustained a torn meniscus in his right knee during Game 2 vs the Rockets. His return is unknown.

Nick Collison is more valuable than you know

The Thunder were able to slide by the Rockets in game 2 by 3 points. What was the difference from game 1 to game 2? Nick Collison. His presence on the floor helps the Thunder more than you may know.