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2013 Playoff oddsmakers predict the outcome of the finals; Thunder are 17/4 odds

The book makers have released their odds for the outcome of these finals. The Thunder trail only the Heat in their chances to win it all.


The Oklahoma City Thunder head into the playoffs as the odds-on favorites to get back to the Finals and trail only the Miami Heat in their chances to win it all. Sports book Bovada has released an updated list of odds for each team in the playoffs, which you can see in this table:

Team Current Odds Preseason Odds
Heat 2/3 11/5
Thunder 17/4 9/2
Spurs 10/1 18/1
Knicks 16/1 35/1
Nuggets 25/1 66/1
Pacers 25/1 35/1
Clippers 25/1 25/1
Lakers 40/1 5/2
Grizzlies 40/1 35/1
Bulls 60/1 14/1
Nets 60/1 30/1
Celtics 66/1 18/1
Warriors 100/1 125/1
Rockets 100/1 75/1
Hawks 150/1 75/1
Bucks 500/1 125/1

The Heat, following a remarkable season and a remarkable player, are of course the easy favorites, but the Thunder's odds have improved slightly. The most precipitous drop is obviously the Lakers, but even then the oddsmakers are still showing them some love. If I had to wager and could not pick the Thunder, I'd probably take the Nuggets, who have just enough of a quirky game that I could see them moving through the playoffs and giving the Heat trouble in the Finals.