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Re-Visiting 10 of Kevin Durant's Greatest Moments

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Our friends over at The Hoop Doctors have put together a video highlighting the best plays from Kevin Durant last season. Two of them come in the final seconds, and the rest just look totally amazing.

The cool thing about this highlight reel is that it dispels the myth of Kevin Durant not being a power player. Many like to describe him as somebody who slithers and slinks around the defense, rather than confronting them directly. And, to a certain extent, he does slink and slither. But, as this video shows, he's perfectly capable of powering his way through defenders at the rim.

I'd also just like to say that for me personally, #2 is Durant's play of the year. Sure, it's a lot luckier than the last play, but it's just Kevin Durant against the world. The ball is in his hands, and he's going head to head with the defense. He backs down Marion, barely creating any space. He releases the ball with two guys in his face, leaving most people shaking their head. But after the ball hangs on the rim forever, it goes in, and the Thunder have dominated the Mavericks once again.

Are there any great Durant moments you think were left out of this montage? Let us know in the comments!