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Welcome to Loud City is Getting a New Logo, and a New Facelift! Coming Soon!

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Don't panic!

Nothing about Welcome to Loud City's content is changing. You'll still have me throwing down misguided rants about Derek Fisher, J.A. Sherman blowing your mind with statistical wizardry, and Bill Champion making you cry with admiration of his fantastic photoshops.

But as SBNation moves forward as a network, Welcome to Loud City moves with it. There will be many exciting changes coming to the front page and how you view our stories, but I can't reveal any of what's happening behind the scenes right now. Needless to say, they'll make WTLC look a lot slicker and shinier.

For now, I'd like to introduce Welcome to Loud City's new logo. What is it? Yes, I realize that the logo might take some time to figure out. If you look at it hard enough, you'll figure out that it's a subwoofer. And once you see it, you can't unsee it, as with many other internet images these days.

Why a subwoofer? Well, there's a lot of other sports blogs with the skyline representing their city, like our current logo does. The whole concept seems played out in my mind. Plus, there's nothing especially notable about the OKC skyline, other than the fact that the Devon Tower looks....out of place.

Where Oklahoma City has truly made it's mark on the NBA, and indeed, the world, is the amazing energy that you'll find in the Peake. 18,000 fans cheering their hearts out for one team. And that's what I wanted to embody with the new logo. It expresses the spirit of the Thunder and this blog perfectly. And it looks cool to boot!

All of the blogs in the mighty SBNation Network are getting facelifts, so definitely go to and check out all of the other cool logos. It's part of a network-wide effort to unite all of the blogs under one banner, while making sure to retain their individuality.

Anyway, make sure to keep things tuned to Welcome to Loud City (and indeed, the entire SBN Network) as we chug towards the regular season. We'll keep you up to date with the latest in the WTLC redesign and, most importantly, the Thunder! Championship ahoy!