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OKC Loud Links: It's Thursday

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Yep, it's Thursday. That's about all I got.


NBA 3-on-3 Tournament | SB Nation


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


3-on-3: Offseason Evolutions | Daily Thunder

I think all of these comments are on point, but I would also add that for Kevin Durant, the one huge difference he could make in improving his game is to be more efficient with his dribble and realize when help defense comes crashing down on him when he drives to the rim. It would cut his turnovers in half.

Draft Day With Royce White | Grantland

This is an excellent piece of video work, taking the viewer through the mind of one of the more intriguing people in the draft.

Why Nuggets Will Be a Big Deal | HoopSpeak

I agree, they will be. But they have not yet addressed their central problem - George Karl is still the coach.

Dwyane Wade Gets a Visit | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyane Wade apparently is a fan of David Hasselhoff. And if there is one truism in life, it is that when the Hoff knows that fans are present, he indulges those fans with the Hoff.

Attacking the Center | Wages of Wins

Here is a look at how most teams get the center position wrong.

Stephen Jackson's Uncle's Fried Food Rankings | USA Today

As awesome as it sounds.

Sam Smith, Hall of Famer | Ball Don't Lie

For the uninitiated, Sam Smith was the Bulls reporter who had the good fortune to see his career coincide with Michael Jordan. Not to say that this is what catapults him to the HoF, but as they say (and if 'they' don't, 'they' should) a great writer needs a great subject to validate each man's greatness.