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OKC Loud Links: Flotsam and Jetsam

Precious little news today. Keep an eye on the main SB Nation page for the ongoing coverage of our fictitious 3-on-3 tournament. How do you think our Thunder team stacks up? Follow it here:

NBA 3-on-3 Tournament | SB Nation


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


OKC Signature Moves | Daily Thunder

Inspired by Beckley Mason's post yesterday, Young looks at the Thunder roster and considers what each guy's signature moves are. I'd also like to highlight another signature move, the one where Derek Fisher stays on the court too long.

3-Point Shooting Promiscuity | SB Nation

I really like this post because it underscores a basic maxim that I have held, whether I'm watching, playing, or coaching basketball - just because you can shoot a 3-pointer doesn't mean you should shoot a 3-pointer. And I would really like to see OKC shoot less of them by about 25%.

McAdoo: OKC Still Team to Beat | NewsOK

Finally, a bit of reason when looking at how the new-look Lakers stack up against last year's Western Conference champs.

Mailbag With Coach Pop |

I missed this in my link yesterday, but here is the full transcript of Gregg Popovich's mailbag. Oh how I would have loved to be the transcriptor for this little event. I imagine that in between every answer, Pop would just involuntarily shout, "Get back on defense, Kawhi!"

Where Does Reggie Miller Rank? | Sports Illustrated

Warriors head coach and former teammate Mark Jackson commented that aside from Jordan and Kobe Bryant, I'd probably agree, if we're only talking about the playoffs.

Roy Hibbert's New Competition | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

With Andrew Bynum now in the East, are the 76ers ready to leapfrog the Pacers as the primary challengers to the Heat?

The Scientific Rankings: 181-330 | Wages of Wins

Aha, numbers, ya'll!

ABL Takes Aim at D-League | Ball Don't Lie

While the idea of the American Basketball League somehow usurping the NBA's own D-League is unlikely, the overall strength of more options and more competition means everyone could win.