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OKC loud links: quiet weekend ahead?

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Thunder-centric daily links brought to you by WTLC.

I'm sure we sound like a broken record at this point. Aside from Sam Presti's Pink Floyd-inspired press conference, we have precious little news to report about the team or James Harden. We'll be staying on top of things over the weekend though (Presti is known to sign contracts at strange times) so rest assured if something breaks, we'll be on it.


NBA 3-on-3 Tournament | SB Nation


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


NBA Team Previews for the 2012-13 Season | SB Nation

Yep, it is that time again.

Heat, Thunder, the Kings of Continuity |

The teams that are returning with the most of their core intact are the Thunder, the Heat, and...the Sacramento Kings? Is Sactown playoff spot in play?

NBA Expands Flopping Rules, Replay | SB Nation

Not only is the league attempting to take flopping seriously, but they are also expanding instant replay parameters as well. Might that include goal-tending?

New Layout Options | Bullets Forever

SB Nation's Mike Prada is taking a poll for different layout views. Would you be interested in doing a similar poll here?

The Other Dream Team | Ball Don't Lie

"In Siberia, we built a regulation basketball court. Basketball allowed us to have dignity, to retain our sense of humanity. … How did I survive? Basketball. It gave me a lot … They didn't bury me there."

Where Do Teams Get Their Stars? | Wages of Wins

Since 1978 every championship team, with the exception of the 1979 Seattle Supersonics was led by a player in the top 10 as measured by Wins Produced for the season.

Raptors Clawing Toward Respect | SB Nation

Ziller writes that the Toronto Raptors are putting some pieces in place that could pay off this season. Could they be Thunder-East? Only if the stench of Vince Carter has been completely eradicated.