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SB Nation United and a New Loud City: Coming Soon

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Things have been a bit quiet around WTLC these past few weeks. Part of that is that it's the end of summer (sigh) and unlike last year, we don't have a soul-crushing lockout to kick around for news and analysis. Also, however, we've been working behind the scenes at SB Nation in order to help usher in a new era of Thunder fandom by completely re-engineering both the process and the visual result. We gave you a preview a few weeks ago, featuring our new logo, but that change only scratches the surface. The new format and visual design, we are confident, will be a major step forward not only in how we present ourselves to you, our readers, but also in the content we provide as well.

Here are some of the architectural improvements that you will be seeing very soon:

  • SB Nation United improves site load times and more efficient performance, which means that you can get to the content you want faster and more efficiently.
  • SB Nation United pushes to the forefront the best we have to offer. This means that WTLC's best and most important news and analysis will be more easily displayed with a superior design and flexible layout.
  • SB Nation United makes the platform experience better than anywhere else. Whether you're reading about last night's Thunder win on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, the experience will run seamlessly on every platform.
  • SB Nation will still feature what you, Thunder fans, love the most - having the opportunity to make your own voices heard in Game Threads, FanPosts, and FanShots.
Lastly, from a content standpoint, WTLC is gearing up for our greatest content-driven season ever, and it should coincide perfectly with the Thunder's quest to chase the NBA crown. We will have outstanding Game Threads, recaps within the hour after the game ends, deeper post-game analysis, more Throwback Thursdays, and a ton of new Photoshopping fun to keep us all inspired and loving the NBA experience.

Talk is cheap, however. The real experience is coming soon, but if you would like to get a glimpse of our new visual layout, follow the jump.
Our friends at NetsDaily offer up this screenshot for a look similar to what we'll have here. Soak it all in.

And here is one for our Laker 'friends' at Silver Screen and Roll:


So stay with us as we roll things out in the very near future. A new and improved Thunder experience is coming. Soon.