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OKC Loud Links: Weekend Ahoy

Thunder events are still in holding pattern. Will they land the big, bearded fish?


NBA 3-on-3 Tournament | SB Nation

The Thunder are up against the Mavs, and everyone is hating on our selection of Nick Collison. How do you think it will unfold?


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


The Actual Value of James Harden | Grantland

This is a good piece on the metrics that surround James Harden's performance. We'll delve into this later, but for now I leave you with this question - do we, and should we, consider statistical metrics in a vacuum, or is there context that should be considered?

Beardemic | Daily Thunder

I like the 2nd question here - it is a comparison between Harden and now-retired Michael Finley. It is a very interesting comparison, not the least of which is what happened when Finley was awarded a huge contract.

Scott Brooks Resides in Later Territory | NewsOK

Brooks, who resides in California, has a few comments to make about the changes in Laker-land.

D-Rose, Westbrook, K-Love Work Out | Beyond the Buzzer

I have a hunch that there will be a fair amount of ribbing that comes Kevin Love's way, even as he buries another 3-pointer in their faces.

JaVale McGee Continues Segway Adventure | Ball Don't Lie

Don't ever change, Monsieur Pierre.

New Spurs Uniforms are Fundamentally Awful | SB Nation

The new re-design of the Spurs' jerseys appear to be inspired by a the pajamas of a 7 year old boy.

Why the Wolves Will be Contenders in 2013 | Wages of Wins

Woah, guys. I love you, but let's not go overboard. "Timberwolves, playoff team" is likely their ceiling until they figure out how to play defense.

Prokhorov is Very Reasonable | SB Nation

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov understands perspective.