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OKC Loud Links: Honoring Tim Allen of Canis Hoopus

We put aside for a moment our basketball fandom to take a moment to report the passing of Timberwolves blogger Tim Allen. Tim wrote at the SB Nation site Canis Hoopus and was one of the site's managers who amazingly turned a site about a team that has tasted precious little success in franchise history into a must-stop-shop for Wolves and NBA fans alike. Tim was as an important part of SB Nation's writing community as anybody, and his passing has caused ripple-effects across the landscape.

Tim's co-writer offers his thoughts up here.

One of Tim's vintage game previews here.

The Twitter reaction here.

A recent podcast that we participated in with Tim Allen and Denver Stiffs writer Nate Timmons here.


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


Durant Returns Home |

Kevin Durant grew up in Prince George's County, MD, and this is a great look inside the local community that claims him as their own, and he, theirs. Apropos of nothing, I love the fact that a local resident is giving an interview in a barber's chair whilst receiving a hair cut. I think more guys ought to do that.

Jim Boeheim on Team USA | Sports Radio Interviews

I'm still not sure why Jim Boeheim is an assistant coach for Team USA, and that questioning is coming from a guy who has been a Syracuse Orangemen fan for 25 years.

LeBron James' Passing is Unfair | SB Nation

In the just-ended game against Australia, LeBron James once again showed why he, not Chris Paul or Deron Williams, is the best playmaker in the NBA.

Team USA And the Struggle People Want to See | SB Nation

Is there actually some powerful segment of the basketball population that would find satisfaction watching Team USA lose? I don't isn't like this is the team that embarrassed themselves like the 2004 Olympic team. These guys are likable, hardworking, and good ambassadors for the game.

5 Remaining Worth While Free Agents | Behind the Basket

Would you touch Carlos Delfino if Eric Maynor is slow to return?

The Potential of Jonas Valanciunas | Grantland

The Raptors drafted Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas a year ago, and these Olympics have showcased what they were looking for when they chose him with the 5th overall pick. Team USA knows, for sure.

Roy Hibbert is a Good Guy | Ball Don't Lie

Roy Hibbert is quickly becoming one of my favorite people, not just players, but people, in the NBA. This is one reason why.

The Steal of Free Agency | Wages of Wins

Josh Childress, eh? Ok, I'll go with it.

Nicolas Batum Apologizes for Nut Shot | SB Nation

Is it just me, or does Nicolas Batum's face look kind of crooked?