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James Harden At an All-White Yacht Party

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James Harden, tear-away champion, finally showed Russell Westbrook and the rest of us what happens when you tear away his final Foot Locker shirt. Apparently that inflatable yacht was a little bit larger than we all thought.

via @lolliecakez

If you want a full analysis of how amazing all-white yacht parties are and why you nor I will never be invited, check out Trey Kirby's analysis at The Basketball Jones. From my perch, all I have to say is that I do not see any other dudes in this photo occupying the ladies next to Harden and his bottle of ice tea (I am assuming). Take that for what you will, but he is one baaaaaadmutha...shut yo mouth.

Apropos of nothing, this is still my favorite NBA player/yacht story ever.

After the jump, Kevin Durant looking every bit the awkward tall guy that you might think him to be when he's not holding a basketball.


via NewsOK