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OKC Loud Links: Looking Forward

The Olympics are done, the big trades have been made, so now it is time to start pontificating about what to expect when the season begins. Hopefully Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden will find time to rest. Well, maybe not Westbrook. He's probably doing some Crossfit workout as we speak.


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


Spurs, Thunder Hoping Patience Pays Off | Sports Illustrated

The Thunder and Spurs are both hoping that a lack of shaking things up will keep them head and shoulders in front of the Lakers.

American Beauty 2012 | SB Nation

Sharp writes that what made 2012 really special is how the previous 2 decades had led us up to this point. Most importantly, the joy of playing basketball has returned.

Stan Van Gundy on Dwight Howard | LA Times

Stan Van Gundy was made into the patsy during the Dwight Howard affair and gave one of the most memorably awkward (or is it awkwardly memorable?) press conferences of all time. Here he explains that the management was probably more to blame than Howard was.

Jeremy Lin and the Pick and Roll | Grantland

Jeremy Lin is in new digs and Pruiti begins a great breakdown not just how Lin likes to run the PnR, but how teams in general approach this basic yet critical play structure.

An Olympic 3-on-3 Tournament? | SB Nation

Yes, please.

Kanterbury Tales: The story of Andre Iguodal | HoopSpeak

weːpɪŋɡ and ˈwailɪŋɡ ‖ ˈkaːr‿and ˈoːðər ˈsɔrwə ‖
iː ˈknɔu əˈnoːx ‖ ɔn ˈɛːvən and aˈmɔrwə ‖
ˈkwɔd ðə ˈmartʃant ‖ and ˈsɔː ˈdoːn ˈoːðər ˈmɔː ‖
ðat ˈwɛddəd ˈbeːn ‖

Who Should Be on the 2016 Roster? | Wages of Wins

Are we already at this point?