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Kevin Durant, James Harden Appear on Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Durant and James Harden stopped by NBC Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on their way back to OKC. Clearly they were still a bit lagged both from the flight as well as the 2 week experience, but were still in good spirits as they entertained Fallon's questions.

A few notes:

  • James Harden is the master of cool. We know this. However he was really stretching the reaches of coolness by grabbing a stuffed Wenlock and dancing around with the team (except of course Kevin Love) as they celebrated their gold medal win over Spain.
  • Durant loves his gold medal, and I love the fact that he loves his gold medal. The London Olympics experience was clearly important to him, and if nothing else, we as fans just want to support athletes who care about the things that they do.
  • Harden's little 'I wasn't worried at the end' moment says as much about himself as it does his teammate Durant. Harden clearly understood (and understands) his role in the team concept and also knows that Durant is on another level of ability.
  • I love how Durant said that the building of closer relationships during the Olympics experience will actually enhance the NBA experience because they are now more likely to be more competitive against their friends, not less. As we've often written, the greatest tribute a player make toward his peers is to try and defeat them.
After the jump, Fallon asks the Thunder duo what they think of the Dwight Howard trade. Not surprisingly, Harden answers it like a boss.

And that's what makes these guys awesome. As much as they espouse their pleasure and enjoyment at sharing the court with the best players in the league, when it comes back to NBA competition, they cede nothing.

"Good for them."


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