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OKC Loud Links: Olympic and Trade Aftermath

The 2012 London Olympics are now over and Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden represent a quarter of the gold medal winning basketball team. Enjoy the moment fellas, it was quite a ride and we're thankful for having born witness to it.


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


Olympic Mailbag | Grantland

This comment is actually a great question as well as insight to a position which we've long held here:

Are there two other players in the world whose games fit together as well as LeBron James and Kevin Durant? Both are long, athletic, highly skilled, unselfish and have extremely high basketball IQ's. They just get it. There is no debate when one or the other "has to take over", they just realize when the moment is upon them and play. LeBron becomes the slasher, KD spots up. It's just amazes me they can have this type of chemistry without playing together during the season. That was just pure joy to watch.

The USA Reputation Index | Ball Don't Lie

It is a funny thing when we're forced to put aside our team allegiances and watch the best American players come together to compete for the gold. Suddenly, it's not so bad rooting for Kobe. Wait a sec...

Team USA: Dancing; Kevin Love: Not Dancing | The Basketball Jones

"Hey guys, this is cool. I'm gonna go over there by the wall and grab some punch."

How Will the New Pieces Fit? | Grantland

Pruiti takes a look at each of the major pieces involved with the Dwight Howard/Andrew Bynum trade and posits how life will be for each new situation.

Why the Dwight Howard Trade Won't Work | Pounding the Rock

Of course we and Spurs fans have a common belief here in thinking that the addition of Howard will mean little in the long run. Right?

The Remaining Questions | Sports Illustrated

Lowe tries to address and answer the outstanding questions that are going to be entertained by both the Lakers and Magic.

What the SB Nation Community is Saying about Dwight Howard | Mavs Moneyball

MMB takes a great perusal across the SB Nation landscape to get a sense of how everyone is reacting to Dwight Howard's new home.

Lakers Hang a Banner in August | HoopSpeak

If only the Lakers were the Redskins...

Lakers Previews and Predictions | Basketbawful

Sometimes it is fun thinking about the downside.