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USA, Gold Medals, and Shark Week. Awesomesauce.

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Gold medals are spectacular. Sharks are awesome. Russell Westbrook knows this and has taken it upon himself to combine them into a Voltron of Awesome. It is the coolest thing you have ever seen, because you know better than to argue against a Voltron of Awesome, a shark, and Russell Westbrook. The United States defeated Spain 107-100, led by Kevin Durant's 30 points. Westbrook contributed 3 points on a limited amount of playing time and James Harden averaged 2 points a minute for a total of 2 points. For the Spaniards, Serge Ibaka had a respectable 12 points coming off the bench. In beating Spain, the Oklahoma City delegates can claim their gold and press onward to a Voltron of Awesome and Shark Week. Now, imagine for a moment that this Voltron of Awesome was taken up a notch. Why? Because it has been. Falcors after the jump.


This picture is best viewed when listening to the theme music to Top Gun. USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...