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Team USA and Serena Williams Visit McDonalds

Because what says "America, ____ yeah" whilst visiting another country more than eating two all [freeze-dried] patties, special [Thousand Island] sauce, lettuce, cheese[like-substance], pickles and onions on a sesame-seed (disintegrating) bun with some of the richest young athletes in the world? Seriously guys, you couldn't even find a decent fish and chips joint at least?

pix via Serena Williams' mobli feed.


A few comments.

  1. Andre Iguodala managed to sit shotgun along side Serena (who probably has 10 times the financial sway as 'Dre does along with a Q-score through the roof) and yet he's more consumed with his over-salted Mc-D french fries than her.
  2. LeBron is rocking the backpack now. Kevin Durant approves.
  3. Of course James Harden is sitting across from Serena. Of course. The man has so much swag that his swag has swag.

One more pic after the jump.


Once again, James Harden...da man.