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Dwight Howard Goes To The Dark Side. Kendrick Perkins Goes To His Happy Place.

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Dwight Howard goes to the Dark Side.
Dwight Howard goes to the Dark Side.

While it may be doom and gloom for some, this is not the time to panic. The 1998-1999 Rockets had a roster that was loaded with big names and they were knocked from the playoffs in the first round. Then there's the recent Knicks with Carmelo and Amare, that worked out pretty well. Like toothpaste and orange juice. Another reason not to be overly concerned is that Perkins is now relevant again. What does this do for Perkins as a human being? It sends him to his happy place, and this place is a cornucopia of awesome.


Kendrick Perkins and Darius Rucker of Hootie & The Blowfish fame sing about chicken sandwiches. It's amazing. For more glimpses into Perk's "Happy Place", continue on with aplomb after the jump.


You'd never guess it, but Perkins is a big fan of interior design. He likes a more modern aesthetic, as seen here shopping for wallpaper. When Kendrick shops, he shops with glory and he shops with Mattie the Wonderdog. Like all champions do.


Ice cream. It has milk in it, and Kendrick Perkins is very particular about his milk. Question his devotion at your own risk.


In conclusion, as we see in the above image with Perk's friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, he's clearly in his happy place. This is good and good for you. Be thankful and continue to wish for a children's treasure trove of schadenfreude upon the Lakers.