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OKC Loud Links: Superman Returns to LA

The hot news of the day is of course the Lakers' acquisition of Dwight Howard and how the realignment of his cape-wearing superpowers will impact both the West and the East. I for one would like to get Shaq's take on all of this, since Howard has now stolen Shaq's gimmick AND his place as the starting center for the Lakers.


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


How Does Howard Impact OKC? | Daily Thunder

Young nails it - that Hasheem Thabeet trade suddenly makes a ton of sense.

The Shift in NBA Power | Grantland

Simmons takes a break from his Olympics chronicles to sound off on the Howard trade. As you might guess, he's not very happy.

Dwight Howard Trade Analysis | Sports Illustrated

By dealing Bynum for Howard, the Lakers still have a giant front line at a time when the other two title favorites — Miami and Oklahoma City — thrive with smaller, quicker lineups. Defending those lineups will be an issue, but there comes a point where you have so much talent to throw at a problem that it ceases to be a problem.

5 Almost Impartial Responses to Howard Trade | The Classical

But given all the talk of competitive balance, and given the newly arrogated and not-yet-dusty veto power the commissioner recently used so strangely in the name of fair play, how are non-aligned fans supposed to feel about this deal? What are we supposed to believe, besides that the deck is stacked or the dice are loaded or some other cliche of your choice related to gambling paraphernalia?

Dwight Howard Overflow Thread | Silver Screen and Roll

Check out the Lakers fans' reaction after learning of the Howard trade. Think this helps ease the frustration of losing Chris Paul a year ago?

Orlando Magic Overflow Thread | Orlando Pinstriped Post

The Magic fans are, shall we say, feeling a bit ill at ease today. Remarkably, they are now a team that has only existed for 24 years, and in that time have drafted and lost both Shaquille O'Neal AND Dwight Howard while winning zero championships.

Howard Trade Shows Importance of GM Creativity | Bullets Forever

We are all quick to praise OKC GM Sam Presti, and for good reason. He makes the most of what he has. How did the GM's involved in this mega-trade do in the process? After some head-scratchers earlier this off-season, I like what the 76ers are up to.

Rapid Reaction | ESPN

The Lakers know how to get things done. The question is, will it be enough?

The Lakers Always Get Their (Big) Man | Wages of Wins

Indeed, they do.

The NBA is the Best/Worst | Ball Don't Lie

Here is something so far unconsidered - LA's jump in stature bodes well for OKC's focus. Last season, the Thunder clearly lapsed in their attention to detail down the stretch. Having a powerhouse sitting across the table from them all season long will keep them in my better alignment as the season goes on.

How Argentina Will Attack USA | Sports Illustrated

The Argentinians have no fear of the American squad. We're a few short hours away of finding out what is going to happen.



After the jump, a shirtless Rajon Rondo jumping on things.