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Team USA vs Tunisia [Video Highlights]

Team USA took on the national team from Tunisia yesterday afternoon and earned a resounding win, 110-63. While the outcome was certainly never in doubt, the Tunisians made things interesting for a half, staying within striking distance. The Americans were once again plagued a bit by overzealous 3-point attempts (10-25 for the game). While that isn't a horrible percentage, the problem with it is that the 3-pointers tend to undermine the ridiculous 73% shooting from everywhere else.

If you anticipated a dunk-fest against the Tunisians, you were right. Just about everyone got into the mix, and even deep bench guys James Harden (10 points) and Anthony Davis (12 points) got into the mix. The team was led overall by Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, who each had 16 points, and Kevin Durant, who finished with a double-double (13 points, 10 rebounds).

Preliminary round play continues on Aug. 2 when Team USA takes on Nigeria.


Below, LeBron jamming and Kevin Durant dancing.

LeBron: good at jumping.

via SB Nation

Kevin Durant doing the shimmy-shake dance (and a tribute to Cole Aldrich!). Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!



Maybe that is KD's 'sugalumps' dance or something.