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Here's a Picture of Team USA Wearing Matching Shirts at a Diner

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Via LeBron James on Facebook:


Yep, even Team USA can enjoy a greasy diner meal. I've never heard of Johnny Rocket's, but I'd assume it's along the same lines as a Denny's or a IHOP. What's humorous about this picture is that these guys have the guile to wear matching Team USA shirts to a very public restaurant. They're running the risk of someone coming up to them and asking for autographs, of course, but they're also risking their very well-earned fashion reputations. I've honestly never seen these guys dressed casually off the court. Also, Russell Westbrook just had to go sleveless, for some unknown reason.

Also, I like the fact that they can afford basically any restaurant in the world, but they chose a crappy diner to eat at. You still have to wait too long for your food, it will almost certainly taste bad, and it will almost certainly be bad for you. If I was rich, I'd never eat at diners. It'd be Taco Bell drive through all day, SON!