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OKC Loud Links: Point Guards Be Flying About

The name of the game in this early off-season seems to be that point guards are looking to find a new home. Meanwhile, the Thunder sit back with their 'not-a-point-guard' all-star Russell Westbrook and look through the scrap heap for some value.

Durant is Team USA's Golden Boy | ESPN

A huge part of Kevin Durant's development in these past two years is directly due to his performance in 2010's FIBA World Championships. Can he continue to grow while playing along side Kobe and LeBron?

OKC Cashed in During Championship Run | NewsOK

Times are very, very good now. But let's hope the ownership recognizes the fact that it might not always be so.

Steve Nash: What it Means for Thunder | NewsOK

The Steve Nash experiment looks good on paper, but how much better will the Lakers be as compared to the Thunder?

Orlando Summer League Preview | Behind the Basket

OKC will be sending new draftee Perry Jones III to Orlando, along with Reggie Jackson and Cole Aldrich. Now is the time to get better for all three of these guys.

HoopSpeak Life: Trades and Stuff | HoopSpeak

Give a listen to this great HS episode as the gang secures some time with both Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated as well as Larry Coon, the unofficial CBA salary cap guru.

Jason Kidd Headed to Knicks | SB Nation

What in the world did Cuban put in the Mavericks' drinking water to scare off all of the guards? First Deron Williams shuns them to stay with Brooklyn, then Jason Terry signs with Boston, then Nash opts for L.A., and now Jason Kidd is fleeing to head to NY.

What Does Kyle Lowry Trade Say About Houston Mindset? | Sports Illustrated

Kyle Lowry is a stud player who can score, rebound, and defend from the guard position. He is also has some health concerns, so it will be interesting to see why Houston decided to let him go to Toronto.

What the Heck is Daryl Morey Doing? | Wages of Wins

Rockets GM Daryl Morey is taking a strange approach during this offseason, and the WoW guys try to figure it out.

Jamal Crawford Signs With Clippers | SB Nation

Jamal Crawford is heading to Clipper-land, probably as insurance in case Nick Young leaves. A team always has to have a conscience-free gunner.