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OKC Loud Links: Bigger, Younger, Faster, Rawr

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We at WTLC hope all of our American readers had a wonderful Independence Day celebration, and if you feel at liberty to share, let us know how you spent yesterday. If you're one of our many international readers, share with us a little bit about the celebrations you have that are unique to your own cultural experience. WTLC is as much about an idea as it is about a place or destination, so hopefully we can all learn from one another in this regard.

So, Hasheem Thabeet...Steve Nash....

Some Advice for Thabeet | NewsOK

In short - get your butt to Orlando for the summer league. Thabeet needs to come to terms with the reality that he is a step away from watching his pro career go down the drain if he can't change direction in a hurry.

Lakers Will Be Fascinating to Watch | Sports Illustrated

You know what else will be fascinating to watch? Russell Westbrook, the best player on the court during the Western Conference semi's. Adding Nash to the mix doesn't exactly solve that conundrum for the Lakers. At all.

Landry Fields Offer Creates Problems for Knicks | Sports Illustrated

This story was written two days ago, but I find it fascinating. When the Raptors made a restricted free agent offer for Landry Fields, they did it to take a potential trade piece for the Knicks to acquire Nash off the table, thereby protecting the Raptors' own offer for Nash. In finance we might call that a short squeeze. Well, the ploy worked in a sense. NY isn't getting Nash, and now the Raptors might be stuck with Landry Fields. That's so Raptors-esque.

Winners and Losers of Nash Trade | SB Nation

Yeah, the Mavericks kind of screwed the pooch on this one. They'll be cursing the name of Lamar for many years to come.

Suns Head for the Bargain Bin | HoopSpeak

The Suns have been a pretty good model of what not to do when you have both stars and momentum on their side. I understand Nash's dedication to the franchise, but their mismanagement of assets over the past half-decade puts them in the same category as the Knicks.

Putting Nash in a Lakers Jersey is the Easiest Part | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer takes a closer look at what is going to happen in L.A. now that Nash is in the mix. Success is not guaranteed, but just like with Chris Paul in Clipper-land, boy does it sure make things interesting.

Kobe and the Burden of Surrendering Control | Hardwood Paroxysm

As much as Kobe Bryant will likely say all the right things about letting Nash run the team, at the end of the day Kobe (and Nash) knows that he is the one with 5 rings.

Jason Terry Heading to Boston | CelticsBlog

Jason Terry is now a Celtic. I can only imagine how the conversation is going to go between JET and Kevin Garnett.

Deron Williams: Nets Get Their Man | Sports Illustrated

The Nets now have, what? Maybe the 4th best point guard in the league on the hook for $100 million? Seems solid to me.

Ray Allen to Choose Between Clips, Heat | SB Nation

Celtics guard Ray Allen has narrowed his free agency choices to the Heat and the Clippers. That's a pretty interesting choice to be made there.

The Genius of Joey Chestnut | Deadspin

This might be a slow motion video of hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut, or it might be an outtake from Prometheus. You'll have to decide for yourself.

NFL Players Sue League Over Bounty Punishments | Deadspin

This story about NFL players suing the NFL over the punishments handed out by commissioner Roger Goodell might seem extraneous to our purposes here. However, as we've written here frequently, there is something disturbing going on with this sense of creeping autocratic authority in the NBA (most recently seen with the league punishing Amare Stoudemire for a tweet). If the NBA continues to allow the commissioner to have this kind of unchecked reach, I believe a similar outcome as this NFL lawsuit will result.