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Free Agency Rumors Roundup, Day 3: Durant Declares Harden Won't Enter FA, Roger Mason, Daniel Orton

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Orton is chasing the ball all the way to Oklahoma City!
Orton is chasing the ball all the way to Oklahoma City!

Yep, the Free Agency Rumor Mill is still turning as fast as ever, and there's some crazy stories floating out there. Here's a few of the more popular ones that are gaining a little bit of traction.

Durant Says James Harden Will Not Hit the Open Market as a Free Agent

""He not hittin the market," said Durant in a Tweet response to Nate Jones of Goodwin Sports Management.

Many have speculated that Oklahoma City would be unable to afford Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden on max or near-max contracts."


I don't know if Durant has inside information, or if he's just bragging. After all, he was trying to egg on free agents to come to Oklahoma City on his Twitter yesterday. But, especially after Harden kept talking about how much he loved Oklahoma City, my gut feeling says this is correct. And I'm really sick of talking about something that's not going to happen for another year anyway.

Daniel Orton, an OKC Native, is in the Thunder's Sights

"Orton & the Thunder have been in contact, but no deal is imminent. Talks are expected 2 continue w/ OKC seeking 2 add potential at a bargain"

-Darnell Mayberry, The Oklahoman

Well, I don't know if it's because he went to Bishop McGuinness, but I do think his 7'4" wingspan had something to do with it. He's currently off his rookie contract with the Magic, and free to sign wherever he wants. I'll be honest and say I haven't seen too much of Daniel Orton, but the buzz everywhere is that he's basically in the same breath as Hasheem Thabeet.

Below: Mason is in their sights too, re-signing Fisher, Mohammed, and Ivey!

Roger Mason is in Their Sights Too

"OKC, New Orleans and Washington have expressed interest in free agent Roger Mason, sources say"

-Chris Broussard, ESPN

Roger Mason. Jr. spent some time with the Spurs and is a devil that Scott Brooks knows, so it's no surprise that he's in our sights. He's an experience veteran with the ability to hit some big shots. But with Daequan Cook on the roster, making a move for Mason just seems redundant unless he's willing to stay on the bench. Then again, given how his stock has dropped in recent years, seeing him on the bench wouldn't be too surprising. Still, I wouldn't expect this signing to happen unless the Thunder made a trade or something like that.

Ivey, Mohammed, and Fisher Could All Still Be Re-Signed

"The rookie scale contract of reserve point guard Eric Maynor also is up for an extension. Fisher, Mohammed and Ivey: Presti said he has explored the option of re-signing each player. Ivey and Mohammed likely would be minimum-wage offers, and Fisher would also come at a bargain.

Dallas, Miami and Chicago are said to have a keen interest in Fisher."

-John Rohde, The Oklahoman

There's no huge surprises here, since all three of those guys wouldn't exactly demand maximum deals. I'm not too surprised Ivey is garnering no interest, but I would think a few more teams might want the services of Mohammed. To me, there's no doubt he's got at least one more season left in him. But Fisher would obviously be the toughest guy to re-sign, since he'll get offers from other teams and probably demand something around 3 or 4 million. Still, unless somebody is cut or a trade is made, one of these guys is guaranteed to be left out of the roster. With all of the rumors of signing Vorontsevich, Orton, and Thabeet, there will probably be only one spot left, and it's probably not going to Nazr Mohammed. Still, it's worth keeping an eye on them while the Thunder eye a bunch of other free agents.

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