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OKC Loud Links: 1-0

Team USA kicked off the Olympics by battering Tony Parker's French team. It was an uneven victory to be sure, but even so, it was still a 27 point win. I'm sure we'll see lots of team members saying things like, "we've got to improve." Mos def.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


The Good, the Bad, the Ugly | CBS Sports

Durant is the team's leading scorer because he is their best catch-and-shoot option. Also because he's 6'10" and has unlimited range.

Finals Loss Still Fresh | Sports Illustrated

Mannix offers some good insight on how the Thunder trio (plus Serge Ibaka) have worked to turn the page at the Olympics. If ever you wondered the legitimacy of the Thunder way of life, this should quell your fears:

Basketball has become a refuge for the Thunder trio. When the USA coaches convened in Las Vegas earlier this month, it was determined that the players who played in the Finals would be offered a few days off. James skipped a couple of scrimmages. Durant, Westbrook and Harden did not. Westbrook, McMillan said, "started pressing Jrue Holiday and John Wall like it was the Finals."

What We Learned So Far | SB Nation

Surprisingly, Russia looks like a stronger team at this point than Spain does.

Kevin Durant is NOT Happy With This Writer | SB Nation

Kevin Durant got into a Twitter kerfuffle with an NBA writer over comments surrounding James Harden's pending contract situation. I personally like the fact that Durant finally showed some vitriol toward somebody because he clearly does not want to be seen by his teammate Harden as someone who doesn't care whether Harden stays or goes.

USA, Spain, and Who Else? | Behind the Basket

Team USA will likely be in the gold medal game and Spain has the tools to compete. Is there any other country that can cause trouble?

Paul Pierce: Already in Mid-Season Condition | SB Nation

To be fair, those are some tasty biscuits.

Jordan Rejected by a Cadillac | Ball Don't Lie

I'm surprised MJ didn't have this footage destroyed like LeBron did.