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OKC Loud Links: Player Movement and Rumors Abound

NBA Free agency continues off the court while Olympic qualifying events continue on it. For the former, be sure to be following SB Nation's free agency stream, and for the Olympics, stay with us all summer long as we bring a comprehensive summation and analysis from beginning to end.

SB Nation Free Agency Stream

2012 London Olympics


Death & Luxury Taxes | Daily Thunder

Young tries his hand at processing the dynamic that the Thunder live in where they try to sign two players who by any measure are on the cusp of huge paydays.

New Contract Puts Pressure on Brooks | NewsOK

Scott Brooks joins the big boys now, with a salary that ranks in the top third of the league.

Top Free Agent Shooting Guards | Sports Illustrated

Lots of familiar names on here, but fortunately the Thunder don't really need any of them. Ray Allen though, that's so tempting to consider.

Joe Johnson On His Way to Brooklyn | Ball Don't Lie

Joe Johnson, he of the most ridiculous contract in NBA history, is finally moving on from Atlanta.

Ainge Optimistic About Re-Singing Green | ESPN

There has been much ado about the Jeff Green situation as it has related to the Thunder, but it appears that the Celtics are going to stand by Green after his year-long hiatus due to his heart condition.

Jrue Holiday Seeking Max Extension | SB Nation

Here comes one of the first big tests under the new CBA. Jrue Holiday, he of a 13.5 PPG and 4.5 AST average last season, wants a max deal. Holiday is a nice young player. There is no defensible reason to give him a max level contract, and if the 76ers (or anybody else) does, then that's a clear signal that teams still haven't gotten the message.

Miami Heat Will Lose Money | CNBC

The Miami Heat have the most marketable player in the world and now have a championship trophy, but according to this report the team will still lose money this year.

LeBron is Blowing Up | SB Nation

Amazing what a successful playoff run can do for a global icon.

Pacers Talk with Chris Kaman | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Roy Hibbert may get taken away from the Pacers by the Trail Blazers. In his place, Chris Kaman. Boy, that 2012 playoffs was a fun run, wasn't it?

Dwight Howard and the End of All Logic | SB Nation

Because it always works out well when a player tries to force his way to another team.

Proposed Nicknames for All 60 Draftees | The Basketball Jones

Yeoman's work here. Even so, by the end you're going to feel like you're in the same room with Chris Berman.

Darko Milicic Was a Mistake | Michigan Live

You don't say.

No Regrets | SLAM Online

You may not remember Ron Harper, but I do. It may be hard to believe, but there was a time in the late '80's when he was neck-and-neck with Michael Jordan as the most athletic shooting guard in the league. Unfortunately, Harper wrecked his knee and it looked like it was curtains for his career, when he suddenly got second lease on his professional life by joining along side Jordan beginning in 1996 to form the most dominant team in NBA history.