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Olympic Basketball, Day 1: Team USA vs. France, Spain vs. China

Anyone up for a little revenge?
Anyone up for a little revenge?

Day 1 of the Olympic Basketball Tournament is finally upon us! I hope you set your alarms, because all of this basketball is going to be in the morning. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a total media blackout and try to watch it online later, as full replays are available online. Also, I apologize for the preview being a bit light, but after all of the previewing I've already done, I'm just out of things to say.

Team USA vs. France

Time: 8:30 AM CST

Network: NBC Basketball Channel, or on

If you wanted to see a team that has athleticism comparable to Team USA's, then look no further then the representatives from France. They've got a lineup that loves to run up and down the court and penetrate the paint. They're coordinated by well-known point guard Tony Parker, and have a one of the world's better offenses, with most of their points coming from guards. However, they have a bit of a turnover problem, and will most likely succumb to pressure from Team USA quite early. I expect to see at least two fast-break dunks from the Honey Badger, and at least one missed dunk from him as well.

Spain vs. China

Time: 10:45 AM CST

Network: NBC Basketball Channel, or on

This game is pretty much a pushover for Serge Ibaka and Spain. China is the only other team in the tournament to use two seven footers in the paint, but Wang Zhi Zhi is a terrible defender, and Yi Jianlian doesn't have an offensive game anywhere near the level of the Gasol's. When you look at the perimeter players, this will be even less of a contest. Expect Spain to win by 10-20 points.]

Other Games: Nigeria vs. Tunisia, 3 AM CST. Should be an easy win for Nigeria, who is much more talented and athletic. Brazil vs. Australia, 5:15 AM CST. An exciting game that could determine who gets left out of Group B. Russia vs. Great Britain, 2 PM CST. Great Britain will put up a fight, but their depth and turnovers will catch up with them. Argentina vs. Lithuania, 4:15 PM CST. Game of the day, and it will be a doozy in a competitive Group A. Both of these teams could be threats going into the tournament, but one of them might be left out with a bad performance here.