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A Cornucopia of Affable Jingoism

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This is America. We do not win with subtlety. Not with the quiet charisma of Michael Landon. No, that's for people that spell football incorrectly, with a "u" (futbol). We win with the swagger of Barry Switzer doing whatever it is that he's doing right now. We win with the magnificence of Don Draper being Don Draper. Be that as it may, win or lose, Russell Westbrook still rides his eagle of glory over any and all enemies. Like Rocky, Lee Greenwood, John Wayne, and former United States Senator Dick Lugar before him, he is a true American patriot along with Kevin Durant and James Harden. They are the hard working farmers of American athletics, plowing away in waving fields of awesome. The sun looks down on them and smiles. Will they win gold? Yes, and with aplomb. Like all champions do.